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As the weather begins to Cool, the Mice will try to Move in …

It’s that time of year again; the mice are looking for a new home to stay out of the cold. Have you put up the Welcome sign? Although we are always here for you, there are ways you can try to avoid rodent infestations as well as help us manage existing ones in a more rapid fashion. Even though we have issued these recommendations over the past several seasons we would like to remind you again.

Remember to:

  • Store any exterior items (ex: firewood, etc…) off ground & away from structure

  • Stored Items should be raised above floor level/kept away from walls

  • Make sure exterior finishes are at least 4” from the ground

  • Seal all cracks & openings in the foundation or around utility openings (Mice only need ¼” round opening to move in)

  • Eliminate any food/or water sources (Examples: leaky plumbing, moisture conditions, etc…)

        All Trees/Shrubs/Ground Cover/Ivy should be kept off/away from house

  • Call us if any structural changes are made
  • Most importantly keep us informed of any pest activity or concerns you may have

One or more of the above recommendations may apply to your home. It is possible that these pests may still find a way into your home even with the above mentioned recommendations completed & timely service performed. This is what we are here for, just give a call & let us know what you’re seeing inside so together we can resolve the issues in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance for your patience during this upcoming season.