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​​NEWSLETTER:  Bumble Bees

Do Bumblebees Experience Hair Loss? 

Some Bumblebees have bald spots near their head; however, this is not the result of old age. It’s actually the entrance hole to the nest is too narrow, so flying in/out causes their bodies to rub against the edges. Their furry hair cannot withstand the frequent friction.

Why Don’t Bumblebees Freeze as Easily as Other Bees?

Bumble Bees can use their muscles to Vibrate. That’s how they manage to flutter about in cold temperatures 35 to 43F without freezing. A Honey Bee can only start flying when temps reach 46F. Bumblebees are also protected against the cold by their fur.

Are Drone Bumblebees Romantics or Womanizers?

Male Bumblebees don’t all act the same, some will fly for hours distributing his scent trail in order to beguile the Queen, and others just fly directly into the air with young Queens for a nuptial flight.

Why Does the Bumblebee Wear Fur?

Bumblebees use their hair to transport pollen. Studies show that bumblebees’ hair becomes electrostatically charged during flight because of the friction in the air, so they carry a slight positive charge. Flowers are usually neutral or slightly negative. So when a Bumblebee flies past a flower its hairs get ruffled, it lands sucks the nectar & pollinates that flower. In the process the positive charge transfers to the flower. Once that happens the flower won’t ruffle the next Bumblebee that passes by. 

Is There Murder Among Bumblebees?

Despite their reputation as being social, there are some evil Bumblebees that make a nest in a foreign colony. To make the most of this hostile takeover they must first get rid of the reigning Queen. She’s targeted with a fatal sting & after this showdown the invader will cannibalize the rival’s eggs & lay their own in place of them. So they are capable of premeditated homicide.

Bumblebees, along w/ Dragonflies are some of the few insects that can actually fly backwards.

There are about 250 different species of Bumblebees that inhabit the world. A unique feature they all share is that Bumblebees are loyal to a particular type of flower for a long as it’s in bloom. This way a Bumblebee will only carry the pollen for that particular flower, thereby ensuring optimal reproduction.

Some Bumblebees (like the large Earth Bumblebee) has a habit of not collecting pollen from flowers right near its nest. This way it reduces the risk of any natural enemies following the trail back to the nest.

Bumblebees DO produce Honey. Their output is a lot less than that of Honeybees for several reasons. A Bumblebee colony has a lifespan of about 1 year, while Honeybees can last up to 3 years. Honeybees will also stockpile their honey for the winter so they produce more liquid gold. Also Bumblebee colonies have about 600 members which is small compared to Honeybees that can have 80,000 members. Honeybees also will snuggle together to keep warm while Bumblebees have to vibrate their muscles to maintain body temp. This requires more energy so they use more honey. So while Bumblebees do make honey it’s not enough for bee keepers to collect.

Abandoned bird nests & mouse holes are ideal places for Bumblebees to establish a colony. Before the Queen lays the 1st egg she collects & processes pollen & nectar into a substance called bee bread. This is the foundation for the cells in which she lays her first eggs.

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