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The Warmer weather, it’s a sure sign that summer is here! Many of us will be enjoying the outdoors & seeking comfort inside in the Cool Air conditioning. We; however, are not the only ones who want to do so. It’s the time of year where Insects are most comfortable, at their breeding peak & have plenty to eat as well. So be sure to take note of what may be coming & how to keep them outside of your home.

You may not be aware that many pests are instinctively drawn to water. For example most species of cockroaches prefer damp locations, such as underground water & sewage systems, & in/around leaky water pipes.  Springtails also are drawn to open sources of water, as well as mosquitoes, Ants, & Earwigs. To help keep these pests at bay, now would be the time to correct any Conducive Conditions (Examples: excessive moisture, clogged gutters/leaders, organic mulch, exterior coverings in contact with ground, stored items against structure, trees & shrubs touching structure, etc…) Correcting any of these examples will help keep the critters out of your nice cool home. Also you should remove any stagnant water (Ex: children’s toys, birdbaths, flower pots, kiddie pools/covers, etc...) this will help eliminate breeding grounds & REDUCE your chances of having issues in your home/yard.   

With all this water it’s easy to loose control of foliage growth. Plants/Trees/Vines/Shrubs can grow out & onto the house/roof.  Insects can then use this as a bridge to gain access to your home. Simply trimming this foliage away from the house will decrease the chance of them getting inside.

 Outdoor lighting could be another factor. Insects are attracted to bright white lights; most flying insects do not perceive yellow wavelengths so using standard yellow lighting will reduce the number of insects that are attracted to the home.

No matter what summer bugs may the threatening the fun of your season we here at Emergency Pest Control Corp. will have the answers. Feel free to call our office.

Thank you in advance for your patience during this upcoming season.