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Quality Work with Less Pesticides/Green Options

We are fully able to address any chemical sensitive issues you might have. Don't worry we're on your side. We Would not use any product or technique that we wouldn't use in our own home. 

IPM - Integrated Pest Management 

Pesticides aren't the only solution, sometimes they're not needed at all. We use other methods in addition to chemical solutions to protect you & your home. IPM is an effective & environmentally sensitive approach to Pest Management. It's not a single Pest Method, but a series of evaluations, decisions & controls. 

Insect & Rodent Control (Ants, Wasps, Crickets, Mice, Rats, Etc...) 

Many pests go unnoticed, gaining access to our homes (without even a Hello) They proceed to set up house & move in Friends & family (Rent Free) before making themselves seen. We have services to help prevent this situation, or if it has happened already, we will check out the situation & offer you the BEST solution(s) to deal with your individual circumstances, before proceeding to correct the situation. (Pest Eviction!)

WDI's (Wood Destroying Insect Reports), Inspections for Real Estate Transactions (sales, Refinance, Etc...)

We are fully licensed & Insured. We offer WDI's for Real Estate transactions as well as general pest inspections (for Peace of mind) 

Termite Monitoring/Baiting

Here on Long Island homes are attacked by Eastern Subterranean Termites. Although swarmers are generally seen between February - May they are a sign that workers are nearby feeding all year through. Please Visit our Termite Control Page for More Information 

Tons of Recommendations & Advice to Help 

We're Happy to make recommendations based on individual circumstances to help keep the Bugs/Wildlife at bay. 

Wildlife Control (Squirrels, Raccoons, Etc...)

We are New York State Licensed Wildlife Trappers. Tip: Remember keep all trees/shrubs off/away from your home. Consider a chimney cap to keep the critters out. 

$ 25 OFF 

Pest Control Services 

New Customers Only, Cannot be combined with any other Discounts, Valid with Complete Jobs/Full Treatments Only. Excludes WDI Reports 

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