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Termite Treatment 

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Every Day our homes are targeted by a dangerous predator that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage - Eastern Subterranean Termites. Often there is no Evidence of their presence until a great deal of damage is done. These Termites come from underground & begin feeding on our homes, working 24 hours a day & in the process destroying them.

Termites can enter your home through a crack as small as 1/64 of an inch, it's just a matter of time.

We are trained in Advance Termite Control techniques & we use only the finest methods available. Termite Monitoring Service is probably the least costly item to protect your most expensive investment, your home. 

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Termite Control 

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Some Termite Facts: 

  • You're not alone, in the United States 1 in 30 homes become infested with Termites every year 
  • Swarming Termites are an indicator a mature colony has been nearby for an average of 4 to 7 years.
  • Swarmers cause NO Structural Damage, The workers in the colony do. 
  • An average mature colony of Eastern Subterranean Termites contain about 60 thousand to 1 million workers 
  • Under ideal conditions it can take 1 colony of approx 60 thousand termites approx 118 days to consume a 1 foot length of 2 x 4 pine. 
  • Termites were one of the earth's first recycler's. 
  • The only US State where termites have not been found is Alaska. 

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